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I get really frustrated when people forget about Valerie. Like, I see fanart with groups of characters that have Dash and even Paulina, but no Valerie. She is one of the coolest characters on the show, so how the hell can you not remember her?

And then I get even more upset because the show forgot about Valerie. The episode before the finale is literally Valerie swearing vengeance on Vlad Masters (after finding out that half ghosts exist), seeing Dani in human form and then going so far as to protect her because she’s half human. You’d think there’d be at least one episode after that where she puts the pieces together and suspects Fenton and Phantom are one and the same. An episode where she has all these conflicting emotions and this determination to find out the truth for herself. An episode in which she does find out about it and comes to terms with this knowledge, and accepts and understands why Danny had to hide this from her and not tell him. Valerie could have forgiven him and maybe let him know that she knows everything and is going to stop hunting him. Or even pull a Jazz and keep her knowledge a secret and team up with Phantom to beat down these ghosts together. I think it’d be great to see Danny’s reaction to the Red Huntress’s change of heart, maybe even a suggested schedule (she gets the late night ghosts, he gets the day) for ghost hunting. I think she’d enjoy watching him squirm, wondering if she knows until he confesses himself. She’d be so smug about the whole thing too.

Unfortunately, in the finale she’s a minor character that shows up for like 2 seconds and she’s totally okay with her ex-boyfriend, who she only broke up with to protect from her dangerous life of hunting ghosts— not realizing that he’s the ghost she despises the most; the one who ruined her life and got her started on this whole new purpose of hunting ghost vermin in the first place.

Now imagine how Valerie must feel about that. This mix of frustration, regret, love, hate, confusion, betrayal, depression. To see someone she loved, and probably still loves, as the monster she’s hated this whole time— confessing his love to another girl no less. And she knew all along that Fenton was going to end up with Sam. She knew it, but she couldn’t help but think she had a chance. He didn’t trust her

And on top of all this, her life is already stressful— living with a single parent in a poor, rundown apartment in a bad neighborhood, working different part time jobs to help her father pay the bills AND hunting ghosts to protect the town. Now the whole world knows who he is. He’s the hero that saved everyone. Now she’s the villain who tried to hunt him down. All she wanted was to make sure no one suffered from ghosts like she did. And she’s punished for it. All these problems and more Valerie blames on Danny Phantom, the ghost she hates above all else. She thought maybe she could get through it all with a friend, a cute boy by the name of Danny Fenton, a friend who could have been something more with if things had turned out differently.

But she can’t, she never will. She’ll sit in her room alone, forgotten, with these thoughts while he has his happy ending.

I’m sorry Butch but that is just not okay.


Valerie is the coolest bamf on the show but her life sucks and no one remembers her.  *cries a river in her memory*

EDIT: I know that the series was ended early and that they weren’t able to include everything as they rushed to make a finale. I’m just wishing they’d tried harder to give Valerie a bigger part in it. Like have her help out or at least have a meaningful line or two to say instead of just clapping in the crowd like she wasn’t just hunting him for 3 seasons.

(Source: kikaiart.deviantart.com)